More film rip-offs

     I made my feelings clear in my last blog post about Amazon and the price of Acros 100. Today, I was looking to see how much a roll of JCH 400 Street Pan would cost. This is a good film, and I used it in China last year. I first went to Japan Camera Hunter (from which company the film derives its name) and saw that I could buy five rolls for roughly the equivalent of $45.00 Canadian. Out of interest, I went to Amazon Canada, and discovered, not altogether surprisingly, that a single roll would cost over $50.00. I wrote to the supplier enquiring how such a rip-off could be justified. The mealy-mouthed response was that Amazon automatically increases prices if the suppliers are few or if the demand is high. Given my belief in the free market economy I have no problem with the economics of supply and demand, but this to my mind is manipulation and profiteering. The supply is only short on Amazon. My advice to anyone wanting to avail themselves of this film -- it is the child of Japan Camera Hunter's owner, Bellamy, -- is contact JCH directly and give these profiteering bludgers on Amazon a kick in the wallet. This kind of rip-off makes me want to chunder.