Please tell me that the reports of Acros 100's demise of premature

Word from Fujifilm, although not yet official, is that next year Acros 100 is to be discontinued. This is sad for a number of reasons which I will expand upon.

The film is an excellent product and excels in its lack of reciprocity failure. If anyone wants to see what can be done with the film, take a look at Ted Vieiria's work--you can see it on Instagram, on You Tube and Facebook as well as his own website. You can also look at my own if you have nothing better to do. This is a film that has no equal in its niche, but Fujifilm is, reportedly, going to discontinue it. Why?

I guess the main main reason is profit or lack of it. Now, don't jump to a conclusion. I am not a "progressive" who considers corporations evil or that profit is the root of all evil. I understand the importance of the market and I believe in the laws of supply and demand; I also understand that a corporation needs to make a profit to continue in business. But is Fuji losing money on Acros? Who knows? They haven't said.  Were they to have given some explanation as to their decision, it might be more palatable, but to my mind they are treating loyal customers with contempt by remaining silent. I reiterate. I agree that profit is necessary. The question then becomes at what point is profit unprofitable? Get your head around that one for a moment. Using Micawber economics, an excess of income over expenditure equals liquidity. An excess of profit becomes greed. And that leads to the next point.

As yet , I don't own a scanner so when I have developed my film I take it to my local camera shop which  then scans the negatives for me,  and a bloody good job they do as well. They also stock a variety of film including, you guessed it, Acros 100. Yesterday when I went to get my latest roll of film scanned, I bought some more rolls, declining the bloke's behind the counter suggestion to "buy a few hundred". I like his humour. When I got home, I thought I would check out the market and went to to see what price they were selling Acros 100 for. Their price was more than twice what I had paid. I sent them an email questioning their profiteering and got back a weasly response. If you want to get Acros at a reasonable price let me know. I'll put you in contact with my local store. Avoid Amazon for this. They are trying to gouge the vulnerable.

Now back to Fuji Film. I now know the world has gone mad. At the same time that they are discontinuing Acros 100, they continue to produce a line of digital cameras that emulate the product of the film that they are, reportedly, going to can. The end result presumably: A bunch of guys in skinny jeans who grow beards, spending thousands of dollars on cameras to produce a "look" that they have never seen in the original. My exhortation to the legions of the hipsters who are likely to bankrupt themselves in pursuit of an "original" look. Save yourself the trouble. Get a film camera and a roll Acros 100 while it is still available and learn to make real photographs.