Through my lens

Having just got my web-site up and running, I decided that I would periodically "blog" too. By and large my comments will accompany the photographs that will populate this site, but if something seems to me worthwhile mentioning then I will, well, mention it.

There are some subjects that are so sterile as to drive a person incontinent with frustration--the debate of film vs digital which is a stultifying as the raucous exchanges I remember from my military days over which branch of the service was better. Consequently I won't be touching the D vs F topic here. The same goes for types of film or methods of developing. There are fora for those who wish to indulge themselves on those topics, and my advice to them is go there, fill your boots as we used to say. This blog will be forever silent on the subjects.

You may deduce from this, then, that the blog entries might well be sporadic, and you are probably correct. As I said, though, I shall post if something strikes me as worthwhile. 

If, by chance, anyone should come across this site and feel the urge to comment, I encourage you to do so although you will appreciate, if you have read my "About" section, that I won't be holding my breath.

December 22 2015