On shooting sports

I'm a big fan of "Footy", Aussie Rules football, but living in Ontario means that I have about four and a half months'  maximum (if the Wildcats make the post-season) shooting time. I fill in with rugby after that as much as I can, but that still leaves a lot of time with no footy of any kind. So, I shoot indoor sports and have managed to get accreditation for the local uni which is my alma mater as well. 

When I started shooting sports, I did what a lot of people do. I Googled the hell out of the subject and learned what I could. And this was quite valuable, but it comes with a caveat.  Consider the source. There is all kinds of advice on the internet, but a considerable amount of it is not original. That is a nice way of saying some bludger or other has taken somebody else's words and rewritten them.  In school that is called plagiarism and it should be rated as a capital offence as far as I'm concerned.

You might see a website that promises the open sesame for sports shooting. You read the advice, absorbing every detail and then read the "writer's" bio only to find out that he or she is a "lifestyle" photographer or has some experience in the world of fashion. What in the Sam Hill do these people really know about sports shooting? You don't need me to provide an answer to that question.

My advice is to go to You Tube, do a search on sports photography and check out some of the people there. I'll save you the trouble. Look for Quinn Rooney and anything he has there. Look at his stuff over and over and over. Hear it from the horse's mouth, so to speak, and save yourself the trouble of reading something plagiarised  that comes from a horse's arse. And just in case you're wondering, I don't know Quinn Rooney; I wish I did. His sports shots are an education.